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During the week of respite (approx 50 hours) the parents are going to seek outside help through relatives and other caregivers. They are also going to enroll both boys in a school program (they have not been attending due to multiple hospitalizations and poor health). To enroll in school will take 1-2 weeks because of physician orders, training of staff etc.

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About CAP

Children Are Precious (CAP) was founded by Peter and Jackie Shipley after the death of their son, Michael.  The need for respite care and its funding was painfully obvious to the Shipleys while trying to find respite during their own personal situation with Michael.

CAP’s initial premise was to provide an actual housing situation for families to utilize in order to provide respite for the parents and/or other siblings.  Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, this has become an almost near impossibility.  Therefore, CAP shifted its goals and fundraising efforts into providing specific funding for respite care.

CAP’s ultimate goal is to provide families, including parents and siblings, a break from the day-to-day caregiving associated with children of special needs.  It was formed to allow parents a chance to reconnect with each other and their other children, who often get lost in the shuffle of medical appointments, surgeries, IEPS, and the daily routine of attending to an individual with time-consuming special needs.

CAP has contracted with various nursing agencies and care providers, including William Beaumont Hospital and St. John Hospital Walk With Me Program, in order to provide respite care for families.  The families are responsible for filling out an application with CAP and finding and approving the care providers, with CAP taking care of the actual funding.  CAP will provide respite care funding for families ranging from anywhere to one day to two continuous weeks at a time, depending on the individual circumstances.  CAP can also provide funding on an hourly basis in special circumstances; however, it should be noted that CAP’s mission is to provide a true respite experience for families through extended periods of time.

CAP has recently partnered with Hospice of Michigan in connection with their Pediatric Early Care Program.  This provides not only hospice care, but palliative care, of which respite is part of.  This will help CAP reach more families across the state.

Board of Directors

Peter Shipley, CRNA

Sue Via
Vice President

Dawn Kass

Jackie Shipley

Rosemary Bagley, RN

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No CAP events are scheduled at this time.